Better Values

  • Support initiatives that prioritize family well-being, such as tax breaks for families and improved parental leave policies.

  • Advocate for programs and facilities that provide family-friendly recreational activities.

  • Encourage the establishment of community centers where families can gather, learn, and grow together.

Better Community Outreach

  • Host regular town hall meetings to keep an open dialogue with constituents.

  • Support and fund programs that promote volunteerism and community involvement.

  • Collaborate with non-profit organizations to address the most pressing needs of the community.

Better Economy

  • Develop training programs and partnerships with local businesses to upskill residents for high-demand jobs.

  • Prioritize infrastructure development to attract new businesses to the district.

  • Advocate for policies that streamline small business licensing and reduce bureaucratic barriers.

Better Schools

  • Push for school-choice where funding follows students, creating competition and incentive for improvement.

  • Advocate for merit-based teacher pay and rewards for exceptional educators.

  • Support the expansion of trade and vocational training in high schools.

  • Encourage parental involvement through school-community initiatives.

Better Local Businesses

  • Advocate for tax incentives for small businesses and startups.

  • Promote 'shop local' campaigns to support Assembly District 8 entrepreneurs.

  • Support initiatives that reduce red tape and bureaucracy for local businesses.

Better Fiscal Responsibility

  • Oppose unnecessary tax hikes and wasteful spending.

  • Advocate for a balanced budget and transparent government spending.

  • Push for regular financial audits of public institutions to ensure accountability.

Better Law Enforcement

  • Advocate for training programs that focus on community policing and de-escalation techniques.

  • Support initiatives that enhance cooperation and trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

  • Push for transparent investigations in cases of alleged misconduct.

Better Neighborhoods

  • Support community development projects that revitalize and beautify neighborhoods.

  • Prioritize safety measures, such as improved lighting and regular community patrols.

  • Advocate for affordable housing solutions to ensure all residents have a place to call home.

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