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Former Casino Pit Boss Officially Ante’s  Up for Nevada State Assembly Race

Former Casino Pit Boss Officially Ante’s Up for Nevada State Assembly Race

March 05, 20242 min read


March 4, 2024

Contact: Kelly Chapman

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(Las Vegas, Nevada) – Kelly Chapman - a former blackjack dealer and casino pit boss - officially filed today as a Republican candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 8. She will be challenging freshman Democrat incumbent Assemblyman Duy Nguyen in a district located in southwest Clark County.

“Las Vegas is the most exciting place to live, work and play on the planet,” Kelly said. “But over recent years, I’ve seen the independent live-and-let-live spirit that made Nevada so great slowly fade away. It’s time to fight back before it’s too late.”

Kelly is the granddaughter of a Lebanese immigrant who was a professional poker player. He moved the family from Maine to Las Vegas in 1979. Her mom was a professional blackjack dealer for 40 years before retiring.

Kelly attended Chaparral High School in east Las Vegas and started dealing blackjack at Arizona Charlie’s shortly after graduation. She retired in 2023 after 25 years working in a number of resorts both on and off the Strip as a dealer, pit boss, and supervisor for high-limit casino table games.

“I’m excited by many of the changes to our town in recent years, especially becoming home to major sporting events like the Super Bowl,” Kelly said. “But I’m also saddened by other less desirable changes.”

She pointed out the loss of free parking on the Strip, exorbitant resort fees, the disappearance of low-cost buffets, fights and brawls inside and outside casinos, homeless sleeping on sidewalks, drug addicts scaring customers at store entrances, and orange cones seemingly on every street in the valley all at the same time.

“I also miss the 99-cent shrimp cocktails!” she joked.

Kelly said she would fight for practical government policies that will allow the average middle-class worker to achieve the American dream of owning a home, raising a family, sending their kids to a great school, working in a job you love, going out with friends, and retiring comfortably.

“I know I can better represent the hopes and dreams of the voters of Assembly District 8 because I’m one of them,” Kelly concluded. “And if I can deal with Dennis Rodman, Britney Spears, Charles Barkley, and Paris Hilton at the blackjack table, I can certainly deal with the political players in Carson City.”

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